What we do

At Keystone, we deliver comprehensive technical solutions designed to serve real business purposes. We help our clients to leverage their information assets to achieve measurable business benefits.

In particular, we focus on comprehensive automation of daily business routines such as logistics, finance, operational planning, human resource management, reporting, data gathering, consolidation, reconciliation, and other aspects of day-to-day operations.

Innovative and cost effective solutions

Our services are distinguished by creative thinking and exceptional problem solving abilities, enabling us to shape innovative and cost effective solutions that address real business needs.

Business Consulting is a range of services to help clients to align business processes and technology with strategic goals to ensure that the full information is properly acquired, consolidated, managed and used within the organization. This includes scoping, analyzing and defining business requirements and identifying appropriate solutions to address them.

Technical Consulting is a service to map business requirements to practical, real-world technical architectures and detailed technical specifications. This also provides the reality check on the business requirements, allowing avoiding all possible pitfalls during the implementation. The benefit to our clients is that risks are properly understood and mitigated leading to much greater certainty on expected outcomes.

Custom Solution Development is development and integration of software solutions that fulfill the business and technical requirements. Our work results are robust, well-engineered systems built using the most suitable and modern software technologies.

What services does Keystone have for yor business?

Application Development

Keystone develops custom-built applications designed to run on an enterprise IT platform. Microsoft is our preferred technology but we have a number of reference projects of developing and integrating systems running on Linux and other non-Microsoft platforms.


Integral to most application development projects, Keystone has a great expertise in data mining and migration, user training, and system rollout to end users. This ensures the actual use of the system in business practices and the high quality of the information maintained within the system.

Application Hosting

Our experience as an ISP in Hungary for over ten years provides extensive knowledge in the area of server configuration, hosting environments, and IP routing. We operate a high-speed, secure hosting center in Budapest offering a range of hosting options up to a dedicated server environment.

Application Support

Throughout the whole system lifecycle, Keystone is available to make sure it continues to meet actual business needs. We adapt our systems to the inevitable changes that all enterprises experience. We offer a flexible mix of support services tailored to the application and clients' business needs.

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