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Keystone Business Solutions

We are an IT services company specializing in the delivery of comprehensive business automation.

At KBS, we deliver comprehensive technical solutions designed to serve real business purposes. We help our clients to leverage their information assets to achieve measurable business benefits.

In particular, we focus on comprehensive automation of daily business routines such as logistics, finance, operational planning, human resource management, reporting, data gathering, consolidation, reconciliation, and other aspects of day-to-day operations.

Bridging the gap between business and technology, we provide business and technical services covering all aspects of technology-enabled business operations.

What services does KBS have for your business?

Our services are distinguished by creative thinking and exceptional problem solving abilities.

We shape innovative and cost effective solutions that address real business needs.

We have built our success through partnerships with many of the world's leading corporations by focusing on improving our client's sales and profitability. With responsive, high quality execution, and proven results, we reinforce this cooperation with each project.

Established as Pronet in 1995, KBS was one of the first companies to pioneer internet services in Hungary. Throughout our growth, the company has maintained the same management and commitment to quality and customer service.

What are the key benefits of KBS to our clients?

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